Red betel

Red betel or in scientific language Crocatum Piper is one type of plant which is a piper betle Betel leaves, such as wine with a red heart shape usually live in the highlands, is quite easy to plant betel red, just to put it in the media and placed in the environment moist and not exposed to direct sun, if the red betel planted in areas that have high levels of heat or direct sunlight on the trunks of red dye dries quickly and will be contained in the red betel leaves will slowly fade away.

Red betel nut is widely used by Indonesian people, particularly the Java community since antiquity. Because the benefits that can be used as medicinal plants to cure diseases berbgai, red betel is also used as uborampe in traditional ceremonies, and as a tool of female beauty cosmetics - Javanese women in the past.

Chemical content contained in red betel including flavonoids, Polivenol, alkoloid, tannins, oils astsiri, saponin, hidroksikaficol, kavicol, kavibetol, allylprokatekol, karvokrol, eugenol, P-cymene, cineole, coryofelen, kadimen, ekstragol, terpenana, and phenyl propoda . Chemical compounds contained in red betel has properties, including, polivenol flavonoid compounds and serves as an antioxidant, antideabetik, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. alkoloid compounds in red betel nut can also be used as a barrier to the growth of cancer cells. Gynecology karvakol on red betel leaves are useful as a disinfectant, and antifungal, so it serves as a mouthwash and discharge medication.

The content of eugenol compounds serve as sedatives or analgesics. tannin content that serves as a healer, especially diarrhea and abdominal pain can also be used as an antiseptic on the wound. Red betel plant can also be cultivated because this is a very high economic value of red betel leaves reach 4-5 1-2 price of U.S. dollars so it can be used as a livelihood.

A study conducted by the media and white mice to prove that the red betel leaf decoction is given to white mice which had been affected by diabetes can lower blood sugar levels in mice, this proves that red betel nut can be used as drugs to lower blood sugar levels and control levels body's blood sugar with diabetes mellitus. efficacious as controller and in addition to lowering blood sugar levels in the body of red betel nut can also be used to cure other diseases such as hypertension, inflammation of the liver, prostate inflammation, eye inflammation, vaginal discharge, ulcer, blood of breast cancer, joint pain and can also be used as a beauty tool by some of the daughters of the palace as the skin.

Until now the use of red betel as a medicinal plant has been no information about the side effects taking this plant as a medicine, but to prevent the things that do not want red betel is not recommended for consumption by women who are pregnant, breast-feeding and children under 7 years.

Betel leaf decoction

5 fresh red betel leaves and wash with clean water and then boiled with 2 cups of water. Boil water to a boil until reduced to 1 cup. cooking water and then cooled and taken three times daily before meals. if it does not stand the bitter taste Gether, can be mixed with honey or other sweetener to taste, but the proper dosage.

Tea red betel

can not make a stew of red betel is no practical way to consume red betel leaf that is by consuming red with betel nut extracts are dried and prepared as a tea or infusion of fresh leaves washed and soaked in 1 cup hot water and let stand until cold drinks, can consume safely.