Jasmine is one of the flowers are very fragrant. Many of us look at the page or even used as a fence - the fence of the house. There are many benefits of jasmine flowers. Plants that have a Latin name or jasmine Jasminum Sambac also sometimes called can help efficacious cure shortness of breath, headache, eye pain, fever, swollen from bee stings and even breast milk can also help control excessive frequently out.

Jasmine (Jasminum sambac), including plants that have many benefits. Small flowers are white and fragrant, often used for various needs. Jasmine, can bloom all year round and can be grown in loose soil with a height of about 600 or 800 meters above sea level, jasmine plants have enough sunlight. Jasmine can be propagated by cuttings. The new shoots will appear after about 6 weeks.
Chemical content in flowers and leaves, such as indole, benzyl, livalylacetaat, proven effective for: Address:

Way, Take a handful of leaves of jasmine poncosuda (another name for a forest or jasmine jasmine gambier), boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, strain and drink 2 times a day.

Kidney inflammation
Way, Take 15 grams of dried leaves of jasmine poncosuda, boiled with 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup. Drink 2 times daily until the urine is turbid to be normal.

Shortness of breath
Material, taking 20 leaves of jasmine and salt to taste. The trick, boil 20 leaves of jasmine and salt with 3 cups water to boil 2 cups tersisal and filtered, then apply on your chest every morning before bathing.

Swelling from the sting of a bee
Take a handful of jasmine flowers and squeezed - squeezed until smooth, stick to the bee that stung.

Ation that comes out to stop excessive
The trick, grab a handful of jasmine leaf, finely crushed, then stick around the body of the chest, every morning before bathing.

Fever and headache
Take a handful of leaves of jasmine and jasmine flowers and 10 on the pressings, then soak it with water in a basket, use a water bath is to compress the forehead.

Sore eyes
Soft eye diseases, such as red eye irritation can be overcome with a handful of leaves of the jasmine. Trick grab a handful of leaves of the jasmine, finely chop and then paste in the forehead. When it is dry, replace it with a new one. Repeat until cured.

Fever, runny nose and diarrhea
Take jasmine 4 grams, 4 grams of green tea, cardamom 3 grams, then wash all the ingredients, boiled with 1.5 cups water, until remaining 1 glass. Drink once a day for 3-7 days.

Scarlet fever
Boil 7 leaves of jasmine and starfruit 1.25 grams in 250 ml of water to 1 cup of water only. Once cool, strain and drink in patients with dengue fever. Perform 3 consecutive days with a dose of 8 glasses per day.